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    How is biogrowing probiotics produced?


    How is biogrowing high-quality probiotics produced? Here's a brief introduction to the production process, so that we understand more!

    1.Seed Storage

    Pure strain isolates are stored in extremely cold liquid nitrogen refrigerators to maintain strain integrity indefinitely.

    Biogrowing owns the largest commercial probiotic bacterial species bank in China with a wide range of strains and more traditional fermented foods that are separated from non-polluting areas in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Tibet. Strains were genetically identified, and some commercial strains in the international collection center for a patent collection.

    2.Seed Transfer

    After aseptic transfer of seeds of pure strain isolate, the fermentation process begins.

    3.Fermentation Scale-up

    The bacteria are inoculated sterilely into an intermediate fermenter containing sterilized medium and then transferred to a final production-scale fermentor for mass production. Different fermentor systems satisfy various customer needs.

    4.Initial Cell Concentration

    A gentle process to concentrate the bacteria 20-30 times, thereby reducing the shear force and air mixed with. Concentrated bacteria quickly frozen into pellets.

    5.Freeze Drying

    The final bacterial body concentrate was obtained by freeze-drying. Optimize the process parameters according to the requirements of each strain to ensure the maximum number of bacteria, vitality and stability.

    6.Milling & Blending

    In a stainless steel vessel on a multidirectional rotating arm, the freeze-dried concentrate is ground and remixed to achieve homogeneity 


    Freeze-dried and concentrated probiotics can be made into various sizes of large packages of single strains or composite strains of products by using a variety of carriers.

    8.Finishing Products

    The above products can be further processed into the probiotic supplement products in the form of end consumer products such as powder, capsule, chewable tablet, sachet bag and square bag, or directly added in the production process of food and beverage or involved in the fermentation Into a variety of probiotics food and drink.

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