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    Biogrowing new products shocking market, changing from 50 billion!

    Release time:2018-01-04


    December 8, 2017,
    for the probiotic industry and everyone in biogrowing,
     it is a time to celebrate and remember.
    Today, we offer sincerity,
    the new 50 billion probiotics series shocked the market!



    As a leader in the probiotic industry, biogrowing adheres to the strategy of developing a large health industry, taking the road of branding, doing a good job of probiotics and serving the people. R & D team tailor-made product formulations through market research and analysis of different populations of probiotic products demand differentiation.


    Wisdom+ Live Probiotic Powder
    Designed specifically for children
    Live bacteria up to 20 billion CFU / Article
    DHA + Bifidobacterium infantis
    Synchronized promotion, let the children win at the starting line



    Health plus Probiotic Powder
    Designed for sensitive people
    Live bacteria up to 50 billion CFU / Article
    Children and adults are welcome
    Care of students, no sensitivity!


    Joy plus Probiotic Powder
    Tailored for the female population
    Live bacteria up to 50 billion CFU / Article
    Double benefit combination
    share the secret of youth!


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